Innovative Products

AMADA WELD TECH offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom equipment and systems to address your welding, bonding, sealing, marking and cutting needs. We believe in partnering with our customers from conceptual design to production; innovative process solutions form the foundation of every product we build.



Laser Cutting & Micromachining Systems

Laser Cutting - Standard & Custom Systems

Laser Cutting - Standard & Custom Systems

State-of-the-art laser micro cutting systems may be integrated with any available laser source

Laser Micromachining - Standard & Custom Systems

Laser Micromachining - Standard & Custom Systems

Laser micromachining systems for advanced material processing including laser marking, laser micro drilling, laser micro milling, laser micromachining,  laser micro patterning, laser micro scribing, and laser ablation

Sigma laser micro cutting and laser micromachining systems are designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications, including stent and hypo tube cutting, laser drilling, laser ablation and even specialized laser marking of medical, electronic and automotive components.  These systems offer high quality processing and high dimensional accuracy, with the flexibility to use any laser and any wavelength, from femtosecond lasers to UV and IR nanosecond lasers. Engineered systems offer multiple wavelength optical paths that can be dedicated or switched between stage and scan head motion.  

AMADA WELD TECH offers both standard system platforms or custom platforms with a variety of motion control options including stage, scan head and combined stage and scan head.  Feature location on the part, and feature to feature positioning are key aspects to both laser micro cutting and laser micromachining processes which can be achieved using various vision technologies in addition to innovative tooling solutions.  The systems are equally designed for efficient operation and use by operators with intuitive control software and open architecture internal workspaces for access.  

Our application labs are able to discuss options, process parts, offer short part volumes and provide post sales support.  As we process your parts in our lab on the exact same hardware that will be delivered with the system, a production ready system is assured. Our dedicated system engineers team of system engineers with expertise in motion, tooling, vision and software deliver smart and innovative solutions tailored to functional requirements and budget.  Define - Design - Deliver.