Innovative Products

Amada Miyachi offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom equipment and systems to address your welding, bonding, sealing, marking and cutting needs. We believe in partnering with our customers from conceptual design to production; innovative process solutions form the foundation of every product we build.



Hot Bar Soldering & Bonding Systems

Hot-Bar Reflow Soldering & Heat Staking Systems - newhorizon

Photo of Hot-Bar Reflow Soldering & Heat Staking Systems - newhorizon

Hot-Bar Reflow Soldering & Heat Staking Systems - newhorizon

Fully integrated, systems for resistance soldering, reflow solding & hot bar bonding

  • Compact, Standard Systems
  • Miyachi Unitek Uniflow 4 Pulsed Heat Reflow Soldering Power Supply
  • Robust Frame Construction
  • Active Integrated Cooling
  • X-Y Thermode Co-Planarity Adjustment
  • Electronic System Control
  • Pneumatic Bonding Head
  • Digital Force Readout
Amada Miyachi's Miyachi Eapro brand newhorizon pulsed heat hot bar resistance soldering machine is a fully integrated, reflow soldering machine which utilizes a pulsed heat thermode technology for hot bar reflow soldering, resistance soldering, and heat staking applications requiring between 8 and 80 Newtons force. 

The newhorizon line is made up of four standard, ergonomically designed hot bar soldering machine models with optional product handling features such as linear slides and rotary tables. These hot bar resistance soldering systems are "customizable" to suit the customer’s specific technical requirements via optional plug & play modules. All modules are mounted on a robust frame construction.
  • Photo of Telecom Mobile Detail

    Telecom Mobile Detail

  • Photo of Reflow Application 2

    Reflow Application 2

  • Photo of Automotive Reflow App

    Automotive Reflow App

Temperature Data Logger

Useful tool for external temperature monitoring and profiling

Flat Thermocouples

Ultra thin thermocouples for external temperature profiling and temperature verification

Pressure Indicating Film

Tool to inspect pressure applied on a weld area

Stainless Steel Trays

Trays for transporting parts

ESD Ionizer Fan

Ionizer fan

Magnifier Lamp

Ergonomic magnifier lamp

Hot Plate

Anodized aluminum heat plate

Thermodes for Desktop Hot Bar Bonding Systems

Thermodes for hot bar bonding head modules on DT Series desktop bonding systems

Hot Bar Monitor

Premium hot bar monitoring system

Interposer Module

Reel-to-reel interposer tape feeding module for Kapton and Sarcon tape

Kapton Tape

Kapton tape for use with interposer module

Sarcon Tape

Sarcon tape for use with interposer module

Pressure Sensitive Paper

Pressure paper for measuring thermode planarity

Thermode Force Calibration

Thermode Force Calibration Kit