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Amada Miyachi offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom equipment and systems to address your welding, bonding, sealing, marking and cutting needs. We believe in partnering with our customers from conceptual design to production; innovative process solutions form the foundation of every product we build.


Resistance Welding

Resistance Spot Welding Power Supplies

Inverter Spot Weld Control - ISQ

Photo of Inverter Spot Weld Control - ISQ

Inverter Spot Weld Control - ISQ

  • High speed (20 KHz) closed loop feedback for optimum process control
  • Constant current, voltage and power modes
  • Compact design ideal for integration
ISQ 20 is a full-featured high frequency inverter spot welding power supply well-suited to automotive, electric/electronic industry applications requiring high end interfacing and high speed automation.

The AMADA MIYACHI ISQ Series inverters are available in three versions: 10kA, 6kA or 3kA. 

ISQ 20 may be used in conjunction with one of our many weld heads as a single operator benchtop unit and is well-suited for integration into semi or fully automated resistance welding systems.  AMADA MIYACHI specializes in designing and building fully integrated, semi-automated and fully automated resistance spot welding machines.  See our Integrated Systems brochure for more information.

For more information read Fine Spot Resistance Welding Applications and The Benefits of Closed-loop Control for the Resistance Welding Process.

Specification table of Inverter Spot Weld Control - ISQ

  • Photo of Motor Armature

    Motor Armature

  • Photo of Wire Harness

    Wire Harness

Pull Tester

Pull tester for tension or compression testing applications up to 200lbF (1.5kN)


Portable Magnification System

Eye Loupe

Eye loupe with 10x magnification

Microscope - SMZ-460

Stereo Zoom Microscope provides magnification from 3.5-30X