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AMADA WELD TECH offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom equipment and systems to address your welding, bonding, sealing, marking and cutting needs. We believe in partnering with our customers from conceptual design to production; innovative process solutions form the foundation of every product we build.


Resistance Welding

Resistance Spot Welding Systems

Resistance Welding - Standard Systems

Resistance Welding - Standard Systems

Standard systems for resistance spot welding applications

Resistance Welding - Custom Systems

Resistance Welding - Custom Systems

Custom systems for resistance spot welding applications

AMADA WELD TECH designs and builds fully integrated, turnkey semi-automated or fully automated resistance welding systems.  Our complete line of resistance welding controls, power supplies, weld heads, weld monitors and data acquisition equipment can be integrated with either PC- or PLC-based motion control systems.

Resistance Welding is a thermo-electric process in which heat is generated at the interface of two metal parts by passing an electric current through them for a precisely controlled time under controlled pressure. The metal is heated, melts, and quickly cools to form the bond or weld.

Applications of resistance welding range from tiny spot welds on electronic, automotive or medical parts, to welding the enormous bolts on residential water heaters.  Both resistive and conductive materials can be joined using resistance welding.  Resistance welding power supply selection is based on a number of criteria including material, the presence of plating, geometry and size of the parts to be welded, whether you need a spot weld or seam weld, the need for data collection and/or monitoring, available input power at your facility, and desired production rates.

For more information read our Resistance Welding Fundamentals.