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Micro TIG Welding

Micro TIG Welding Power Supplies

Pulsed Micro TIG Welder - MAWA-300A

Photo of Pulsed Micro TIG Welder - MAWA-300A

Pulsed Micro TIG Welder - MAWA-300A

Micro tig pulse arc welder

  • Weld dissimilar materials
  • Weld conductive metals
  • "Pulsation" feature significantly reduces porosity
  • "Touch start" feature controls and identifies weld location
  • Digital programming interface for easy control of pulse form
  • Multiple weld schedules
Amada Miyachi America's high performance MAWA-300A pulsed micro TIG welding power supply is ideal for pulse arc welding of coils and terminals, bus bars, and coated wires. Supplying between 30 and 300 amps this micro tig welder targets small components in the automotive, medical, battery, and electronics industries.

Unique-to-this pulse arc welder unit, touch start and pulsation features offer a higher level of control resulting in consistent, reliable welds.

Amada Miyachi also supplies full range of pulse arc welding accessories, including torches, electrodes, torch stands, and safety helmets and gloves.

Material Weldability - Micro TIG Welding:
material weldability pulse arc welding, micro tig welding
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Specification table of Pulsed Micro TIG Welder - MAWA-300A