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Hot Bar Soldering & Bonding

Hot Bar Soldering & Bonding Thermodes



Thermodes for use with manual, pneumatic and motorized bonding heads are dimensionally stable and provide uniform heating across the thermode face ensuring consistent bonding results

The hot bar soldering process - also known as resistance soldering - is a selective soldering process where two solder coated parts are heated to a sufficient temperature to cause the solder to melt, flow, and re-solidify, forming a permanent electro-mechanical bond. 

The heating and reflow of the solder is accomplished using a hot bar soldering machine fitted with a heating element called a "thermode" or “hot bar” which is heated and cooled down for each connection made. The resistance of the thermode to the flow of electrical current is what produces the heat needed to melt the solder and create the connection. Electricity flows through the thermode, directing heat to the workpiece. Since most of the current passes through the thermode, there is little chance of electrical damage to the workpiece itself. After the “reflow” temperature is reached and the solder has flowed sufficiently, the current is terminated. The thermode remains in contact with the parts just long enough for the solder to re-solidify.