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Interposer Module

Photo of Interposer Module

Interposer Module

For reflow soldering and hot bar bonding

  • Designed for system integration or as a module for use with Desktop Bonders
  • Extends thermode life
  • Self-leveling tape tension control
  • Optional upgrade for automatic tape feeding
Miyachi Eapro's interposer module for Kapton and Sarcon tape is a reel-to-reel feeder which holds a full spool of interposer tape on the left, and collects the used interposer material on the right. An intelligent spring mechanism prevents sticking of the interposer material to the thermode after bonding. Tension is controlled through a spring-operated level.

Why use interposer tape?  It lenghtens the life of the thermode by protecting it from damage and contamination from repeated exposure to fluxes, solder, etc..

The Interposer Module is available in both manual and fully automatic configurations and may be used with all Miyachi Europe Hot bar systems.

Specification table of Interposer Module

    Kapton Tape

    Kapton tape for use with interposer module

    Sarcon Tape

    Sarcon tape for use with interposer module