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"Stages" apply to motion as in a system; generally referred to as X, XY, XYZ and rotary.  The basic function of a stage is to constrain motion to a defined direction. For a linear stage, this motion is, ideally, along a straight line. 

Motorized linear stages are used to precisely position objects along a single axis. They are comprised of a moving platform and stationary base joined by a bearing system. A motion controller is utilized to control position electronically.  Motorized stages are particularly suited for high volume/high speed precision applications.

Motorized rotation stages are used to precisely position objects around a rotation (circular) axis.  Motorized rotary stages are particularly suited to laser cutting, laser welding or laser marking applications on tubes, cylinders, or odd-shaped packages.

See our 5 axis fiber laser cutting system and Sigma XY Cutting System for great examples of motorized stages at work.