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Motors & Coils

Motor fusing is a fairly tricky application: the high conductivity of copper coupled with the complication of coated wires requires a well thought-through welding solution.

Amada Miyachi's 60 years of application excellence found that by utilizing higher power resistance welding power supplies running in constant voltage mode, and using electrodes that are only 30% as conductive as copper, the problem of increasing electrode resistance and thermal runaway are both avoided. With options for both cooling and feedback modes, each product can be tailored to the specific process.

Process deliverables include less part deformation, fewer energy steps, a larger process window, built-in monitoring, higher process throughput, reduced inductive losses, and reduced cost per part.

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  • Photo of Tang Welding

    Tang Welding

  • Photo of Staked Armature

    Staked Armature

  • Photo of Stripped Magnet Wire

    Stripped Magnet Wire

  • Photo of Wire Tang

    Wire Tang