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A medical device is an implant, instrument, or machine used in the diagnosis of disease or in the cure, treatment, or prevention of disease, in humans. It is intended to affect the structure or function of the body but does not do so through a chemical action in the body. Medical device manufacturing is governed by agencies such as the FDA, and the MHRA, which expect manufacturers to adhere to established standards.

The challenges of today’s medical device manufacturing applications – small, single use devices in high demand with ever-increasing reliability requirements - are pushing the need for more sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and Amada Miyachi, in consult with medical device industry expert customers, is leading the way with our comprehensive range of resistance and laser welding, laser marking, and laser cutting technologies.

Value-added process knowledge – like our patented motion and laser control techniques (position-based firing) and new metals joining production methods made possible by the availability of “green light” (532nm) pulsed welding lasers, further solidify our innovative, leading-edge status.

Cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, guidewires, catheters, cannulae, hearing aids, brachyseeds, orthodontic appliances, prosthetics, and surgical tools are just a few of our many successful applications!

For more information, read our Medical Industry Capabilities Brochure (Medical Industry Capabilities Brochure - Chinese language) or Contact us for a personal consultation or free sample evalution.

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  • Photo of Medical Tubes

    Medical Tubes

  • Photo of Pacemakers


  • Photo of Orthodontic Appliances

    Orthodontic Appliances

  • Photo of Catheters


  • Photo of Brachyseeds


  • Photo of Dental Tool

    Dental Tool

  • Photo of Medical Tube to End Effector

    Medical Tube to End Effector

  • Photo of Spring Weld

    Spring Weld

  • Photo of End Effector Cap

    End Effector Cap

  • Photo of Medical Component 1

    Medical Component 1

  • Photo of Medical Component 2

    Medical Component 2

  • Photo of Medical Component 3

    Medical Component 3

  • Photo of Passivation Corrosion

    Passivation Corrosion

  • Photo of Single Use Only

    Single Use Only