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Amada Miyachi's experienced application engineers provide customers with the equipment match from our wide range of products that best addresses a specific application need. FREE sample evaluations - part design, material selection, and know-how - conducted in one of our eight dedicated labs maximizes component manufacturability.


AMYA Applications Labs

Amada Miyachi is dedicated to providing our customers with a comprehensive application solution, rather than just equipment. Our experienced application engineers provide the equipment match from our wide range of products that best addresses a specific application need. In addition to sample evaluations we are a resource for part design and material selection knowledge and know-how to maximize component manufacturability. To have your samples processed FREE of charge or to discuss your application with us, click here.

Fine Spot Resistance Welding: AC, CD, linear DC and inverter power supplies offering 5A to 5000A with our manual, pneumatic and servo weld heads.

Large Scale Resistance Welding: AC and inverter weld controls up to 100,000A, wire compacting, and press weld heads up to 9000 lbs.

Reflow Soldering/Bonding: Pulsed heat control with closed loop temperature feedback with in line weld heads and bench top integrated systems.

Resistance Seam Sealing and Projection Welding: Inverter seam sealers, projection weld heads and CD weld controls up to 9000J, glovebox welding.

All resistance application labs have a full range of our weld checkers.

Laser Welding: Pulsed Nd:YAG and fiber laser technologies integrated with 3,4 & 5 axes stage sets and scan heads.

Laser Cutting: Medical tube cutting system, precision xyz cutter and 5 axes system integrated with fiber laser technology.

Laser Marking: Fiber, CO2, and UV laser sources, integrated xyz and rotary marker motion.

Laser Micromachining: Microsecond, nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond lasers from 10604nm to 355nm.

Testing: Micro and macro tensile testing, optical microscopes, weld cross sectioning, leak detection.

These application resources are available to all of our customers through the lifetime of the product supported by our application labs, which in addition to our main factory in Monrovia, CA are located in Michigan, China, and Singapore.