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In general terms, an electronic display is a device which takes input via an electrical signal and outputs, or presents that data visually. Displays are found everywhere in today's world: televisions, computers, mobile devices, automobiles, home appliances, and billboards to name just a few. There are LCDs, LEDs, PDPs, TFTs, and OLEDs to name just a few.

A typical application might require a flexible circuit to be bonded to a display. Amada Miyachi carries a full line of hot bar reflow soldering equipment and systems to accommodate manufacture and repair of display panels up to 60" wide!

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  • Photo of Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone

  • Photo of Automotive Dashboard

    Automotive Dashboard

  • Photo of PDP Panel

    PDP Panel

  • Photo of Flex to PCB

    Flex to PCB

  • Photo of Heat Seal Connection

    Heat Seal Connection

  • Photo of Kapton Flex Connection

    Kapton Flex Connection