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Computers & Peripherals

The computer & computer peripheral industries are characterized by technological innovation which drives production. Computers are made up of components like hard disk drives, motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards, and power supplies. As demand increases for faster, smaller units with greater and greater capacity, so do manufacturing needs become more sophisticated and complex.

Computer applications utilize a broad range of manufacturing technologies including both resistance welding and laser welding, laser cutting, and laser marking and laser engraving. Amada Miyachi's best-in-class products provide process stability with power feedback and monitoring options, as well as industrially proven reliability. They are used in a wide variety of computer applications including disk drives gimbals, lead frame assembly, lcd attachment, antenna assembly, battery assembly and more.

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  • Photo of Hard Disk Drive Lead Frame Assembly

    Hard Disk Drive Lead Frame Assembly

  • Photo of PC Components

    PC Components

  • Photo of Interconnect


  • Photo of Hard Drive Read Arm

    Hard Drive Read Arm