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Amada Miyachi's experienced application engineers provide customers with the equipment match from our wide range of products that best addresses a specific application need. FREE sample evaluations - part design, material selection, and know-how - conducted in one of our eight dedicated labs maximizes component manufacturability.



Our aerospace manufacturing customers produce a variety of high technology parts for aircraft/aircraft engines, guided missiles, spacecrafts, propulsion units, and more including batteries, sensors, displays, and jet engine honeycomb manufacture and repair.

Amada Miyachi's laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding, and hot bar reflow soldering equipment is uniquely suited to these applications and has been used in the manufacture of aerospace parts for more than 60 years. Precision control, closed-loop feedback, and weld quality tools ensure reliable and durable welds and marks for these demanding applications.

For more information, read our Aerospace Industry Capabilities Brochure or Contact us for a personal consultation or free sample evalution.

  • Photo of Honeycomb Tacking

    Honeycomb Tacking

  • Photo of Electronics Packaging

    Electronics Packaging

  • Photo of Laser Welded Honeycomb

    Laser Welded Honeycomb

  • Photo of Laser Brazed Honeycomb

    Laser Brazed Honeycomb